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The most advanced nutrition center in collaboration with medical experts and suppliers of health products.

Medical experts and alternative medicine

Doctors, alternative therapists are not marketing experts, and they should not be. If you are an alternative physician or therapist , join us and sign up to your special account, and receive referrals from thousands of nutrition practitioners, and private patients, accross the country

Nutritionists, dietitians and anyone involved in proper nutrition

You are the Expert, the menus creating is your profession. We"ll provide you with the tools: A meal and menu preparation system, calculators, automatic calculations, your own store and your own system for referring your customers to experts in their field

Supplements and Health Supplements

Well, If you are able to offer great prices, including delivery to customers, you will find a new and engaging audience here, all you need to do is register as a supplier, upload your products and ... deliver on time

Community collaborations

Eat and live healthy

Private user: Here you can prepare menus, limit calories, follow a diet, contact nutritionists, dietitians and food trainers or medical experts, buy yourself discounted supplements, ask questions and get answers in your private forum, use health calculators, Make yourself reminders, and much more more.

Nutritionist: If you are a nutritionist, you can prepare menus for your clients, make video calls with them, conduct medical follow-up through their history, refer them to specialists and offer them food supplements, for a fee, get a new audience without leaving home, in short increase income from your regular activities . Everything at your fingertips.

Medical expert:Thousands of nutritionists and dietitians as well privateclients, in Israel, encounter patients every day who need your expertise. Sign up, fill in the details, offer a fee to nutritionists (you set the commission) and you start getting a new customers

Supplier:Thousands of nutritionists will order your products for their patients in their private store. Open an account, upload products and offer a commission to nutritionists and ... start selling.

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Community for users who seek health nutrition
affiliate by Nutritionists, Dietitians, medical experts and private supplements store.
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Medical experts and alternative medicine

If you are a Doctor, an Alternative physician, or Therapist we can help, join us - sign up to your special account to receive referrals from thousands of nutrition practitioners in the country who often encounter a patient with a specific medical problem that you can address.

Nutritionists, dietitians and anyone involved in proper nutrition

Diets, Health calculators, Menu Creator, Calendar with WhatsApp meetings, client history, private shop, Specialist referring, Auto email to clients, share menu, and much more in one place: Your account

Supplements and Health Supplements

By opening a shop account with us, you will gain a new audience and increase sales. Not like other shops, your shop will become a private shop for each of the Nutritionists, dietitians, and others involved in nutrition. Isn't it great?

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As a private user you can create for yourself a menu, meet nutritionionists and medical experts, as well other users, use video chat, diet creator, health history and much more

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Medical experts and alternative medicine

Enjoy new aoudiance, coming from nutritionists, private user, as you explosed to all of the comunity

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Calculators, client history, email to your clients, sell products, refer to experts, Enjoy your community

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