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Rules for the use of NUTHUB systems for users

 Below: which includes

And for convenience will be called NutHub


1.  General

2. Conditions for use in systems

3 . The use of systems

4. Limitation of Liability

5. Registration and payments

6 .  Intellectual Property Rights

7 . Violation of the terms and misuse

8. Contact

9. disclaimer


1. general

This policy applies to the use of the NutHub computer systems as it is available online today, via a website at hereinafter: "the website", and as it may be available in the future in other ways and also applies to the use of the NutHub application Available for use on various mobile devices. The systems, the app and all the websites will be collectively referred to below as the "Systems".

2  . The systems include an interface for dietitians and nutritionists (hereinafter nutritionists), an interface for medical experts and product providers, using the computer and mobile devices, including an online app for displaying menus.

 For nutritionists the systems provide a platform of tools pertaining to aspects

Professional and logistical in their work, including meetings, video consultation calls, menu preparation, general information and online trading options, and for patients the systems allow for a menu built for them by the nutritionists,

In the form of menus and recommendations, received by them from nutritionists who handle them, and who also uses the systems.

For the medical specialists the systems provide a platform for their presentation to the nutritionists and private users, who will be able to contact and refer patients to them, for a fee to be paid by the medical specialist when receiving the client at his clinic.

4 . For suppliers the systems provide a platform for presenting their products with a sale option in condition a commission to be paid or a discount to be given to the products.

For private user the system    provide a platform 

5. For private user the systems provide a platform of tools , including meetings, video consultation calls, menu preparation, general information and online trading options, comunity, forum, contact a nutritionist or a medical specialist, diet information, Health calculators, Menus, recips, and other tools which can help the user to concider his nutrion.


 The systems belong to NutHub,  And operated by her.

6. Scripture is written in masculine but is also true in feminine. What is written for an individual is also true of the

plural. The headings throughout the Terms are for convenience only and are not intended to be an explanation

Or constitute an interpretation of the sections that make up these Terms and Conditions.


7. These Terms of Use, including the Privacy Policy which forms an integral part thereof: "The Terms" (regulates the relationship between NutHub and any user, of any kind, if

he is dietitians or their patients, medical experts and product providers, or private users who use the systems and / or information of any kind, existing in systems and / or information of any kind, which can be obtained through the systems) below

"User" (.


8 a. Conditions for using the systems

8b. The minimum requirements for the use of systems by it - computer, operating system, Internet connection and browser

 8c. The systems may be used subject to the following conditions:


All users of the systems declare that: they are authorized to engage in the field in which they offer their services, and that they have all the certificates, approvals, certifications, authorizations and rights, from the competent authorities, to engage in this field and provide their services under this site.


A. Create a user account by entering personal information; Consent of the user that read this policy and the privacy statement.

B. When registering dietitians, nutritionists and nutritionists for systems - (hereinafter the nutritionists) the nutritionists declare that they know that NutHub only offers tools and has no responsibility of any kind for producing a menu or for other uses of the systems.

C. When registering Doctors, naturopathic, alternative therapists, and any kind of medical experts, they declare and undertake that:

Upon receipt of a customer referred to them, they will pay through the systems the commission they offered when opened their account in the systems.

 D. When registering a product supplier, the supplier undertakes to supply the best products at their best price, will send the products to the customer's home as he received the order no later than 7 business days, and will pay the commission he offered when registering for the systems. Otherwise he will get paid less the commission he offered




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Content and postings

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